Destined Land

The young witch looked into the pond and saw an arid landscape. She saw herself ruling over the people and the strange beasts of the land.

Not one to foolishly shun her destiny, the witch turned to her books and her elders and learned all she could about the different regions of the world and what was alive in them. But in all the lore she could not find what she had seen in the pond.

The witch set out to travel the world and see for herself where her people’s wisdom was lacking. She saw hostile regions and great atrocities and learned of spells the like of which were not known at home. She thought she had become fit to rule and bend nature itself to her will, and as a price she had lost most of herself. But still she could not find her destined land.

The witch grew older and weary and decided to go home. But she carried all she had learned and become with her, and her homeland was trite and simple and did not welcome her. Instead of gaining her destined land, she had lost even her home.

In her frustration, the witch turned her newfound powers on the lake that had made the poisonous promise. She drained the lake and felt a small degree of satisfaction. But it was not enough to make up for all those years and all the loss. So she drained all the land and everything alive, until the ground was dried-out and dead, the plants that grew were different, and the beasts that ate them were different, and the witch had the power to rule over them all.

The spirit of the lake rejoiced at its new vessel and the new world to rule over, so unlike its former prison.

Centuries later, a young witch saw a lush landscape in a mirage.