The silver hairpin

The royal family had two beautiful twin daughters. One day, the family was to receive a visit from a foreign prince. For propriety’s sake it was agreed he would marry the older sister. To distinguish them without embarrassing the prince, the older sister was to wear a silver hairpin.

When the prince showed up, however, the younger sister fell in love with him and begged her sister to give her the pin to wear so he would court her instead.

But the older sister refused on the grounds that it would not be proper, and she did not want to give up on the status the marriage would grant her. The younger sister cursed her, willing the pin to prick the bride’s cold and toxic heart and poison the union with the prince.

Stung by her sister’s curse, the older twin locked herself into her room and let the tears flow freely, liberating years of regret, expectations and resentment. In the end, she looked into her mirror, washed away the hot tears and took the pin from her hair. She knew what she had to do to atone.

She walked into the salon with new composure and called her sister to her in private. The younger sister was wary until the older fixed the silver hairpin into her hair and told her to go marry the prince. Overjoyed, the younger twin arranged her hair and rushed back to the salon, leaving her sister standing.

When the hairpin was found in the prince’s household, it was stuck in his chest next to the dagger.


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